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Winner of the Rieger Dissertation/Thesis Award 2021, International Visual Sociology Association, for my doctoral thesis (Falling between worlds) and associated work. ‘The Awards Committee were very impressed by your creative and innovative work’.

Conference and event presentations

Art and Mobilities Exhibition at the Im|mobile Lives in Turbulent Times Conference (Selected exhibitor)
The conference is taking place in an experimental virtual conference platform out of Northumbria University, 8-9 July 2021. This is my page contribution which links out of the exhibition space itself.

Reconnaissance across worlds (Selected exhibitor, also provided support and video recording)
Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) 14th Annual conference. Held in Second Life, 18-20 March 2021. out of isolation into Supernova selected for exhibition.

Mixing games and ‘real life’ to re-envisage our past through video (Selected exhibitor)
MozFest, 8-20 March 2021. Online.

Multimedia Encounters: Experimental Approaches to Ethnographic Research (Online exhibitor)
UCL Multimedia Anthropology Lab (MAL), 12-15 January 2021. Flames Tear the Soul selected for online exhibition. Work as circulated on twitter and Instagram.

Practice and Theory, working them together across disciplines (Selected speaker)
PhD Seminar Series, Lancaster University, 18 November 2020. Online.

Pigment, light, paper, screen (Selected as Presenter)
Jeux de Formats, à l’Université de Bourgogne, 22 et 23 octobre 2020. Selected for the conference, but it was suspended due to Covid-19. Forming an article for Interfaces journal instead (see above).

The connected realness of materiality, across virtual and actual (Panelist)
Critical Mediations, A Communication and Cultural Studies Conference, Salon series. USC Annenberg, Los Angeles, 26 October 2020. Online discussion, with student audience.

Interview with Tizzy Canucci (Interviewee)
Interviewed by Sharifa Moore about video work around Supernova 2020 World on Fire entry Out of isolation came forth light, showing in Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Denver, 20 September 2020.

Digital or digitisation? The art of digital crafting (Guest speaker)
Edinburgh College of Art, Friday talks, 28 February 2020. Presentation about my digital art and printmaking to undergraduates, postgraduates and staff.

Future City (Shown in exhibition)
Part of MeCCSA 2020 conference, in media, communications and cultural studies, University of Brighton, 8-10 January 2020.

Creativity or ‘Being there’: Video Art and the Fate of Machinima (Presenter)
Beyond games: Tinkering and Creative Appropriation of Video Games, Histoire du Jeu/ Game History symposium, Montreal, 17-19 November 2019. Bilingual French/ English. Held in same venue and over similar time period as MIGS19 (business) and MEGA (public) video game events.

Epic images of mundane stories: Innominate (Selected as Presenter)
IVMC6 Epic images of mundane stories, International Visual Methods Conference, Budapest, 16-19 July 2019. Proposal accepted but serious injury prevented attendance.

Art meets social science; relating the mechanical and the digital through autoethnography (Selected as Presenter)
Visual Imperatives/Visual Uncertainties, International Visual Sociology Association 2019 Annual Conference, Saratoga Springs, 20-22 June 2019. Proposal accepted but serious injury prevented attendance.

The Comings and Goings of a Virtual Itinerant Wayfarer (Presenter and Exhibition)
Digital Humanities, Human Technologies, NWCDTP Postgraduate Conference, Salford University at MediaCityUK, 10-11 October 2018. Continuous showing of Repeat Hikari in foyer.

Future City: video art and the montage of virtualities and realities (Presenter and Exhibition)
Creative Image: Ways of Seeing, Representing and Reshaping Reality, Visual Research Network Conference, Manchester University, 26-27 September 2018. Continuous showing of Future City in a bus.

Virtualisation of Past and Present: Art and the Salvage Narrative (Presenter)
After Fantastika conference, Lancaster University, 6-7 July 2018.

Tizzy Canucci. (Interviewed)
In the online magazine Women CineMakers (XI), special edition on art and independent cinema. Link to interview pages. 30 March 2018

There is No Cure for Curiosity: Moving between worlds using machinima (Presenter and Exhibition)
Mobile Utopia: Pasts, Presents, Futures conference, Lancaster University, 2-5 November 2017. Continuous showing of There is No Cure for Curiosity and Future City in a shipping container.

Parkin, Moggy, Tharf and Thor: Evolving words, evolving foods (Presenter)
All in Good Taste – Regional Food in History and Archaeology, Regional Heritage Centre, Lancaster University, 21 October 2017

The Body and the Avatar, the I and the Other: Self creation in virtual worlds explored through machinima (Presenter)
Exploring Identity: Between Being and Belonging, NWCDTP postgraduate conference, Liverpool University, 25-26 October 2017. Included a showing of The Digital Pilgrims.

Autoethnographic Explorations of Virtual Worlds with Machinima (Presenter)
FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) Summer Conference, Lancaster University, 26-27 June 2017.

Exploring Social Issues and Cultural Knowledge through Machinima (Presenter)
sIREN Conference: Arts and Digital Practice, University of Edinburgh, 30-31 May 2017. Included a showing of Falling Between Worlds.

University of Western Australia (Judging panel member)
Art of the artists, machinima competition, 2017.

California Institute of the Arts (Presentation and discussion)
On my art practice and postgraduate study, January 2017.

The photographer subculture inside Fallout, GTA and Left 4 Dead (Interviewed)
In online magazine Hopes and Fears (2015). Interviewed by Richard Moss about work in Second Life.

Conference organisation:

VWBPE22 15th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education: Phoenix Rising (Streaming and video recording, and support)
Online International Conference, Second Life, 31 March – 2 April 2022.

VWBPE21 14th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education: Reconnaissance (Streaming and video recording, and support)
Online International Conference, Second Life, 18-20 March 2021. Also accepted as an exhibitor, see above.

Food and Society (Co-convenor of the study group)
Third British Sociological Association Food Study Group International Conference, July 2012.