Writing and publications

Publications around art, film, printmaking and virtual worlds


An agenda for creative practice in the new mobilities paradigm (2023, journal article, joint authorship).
Barry K, Southern J, Baxter T, et al. Mobilities 18(3). Routledge: 349–373. DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2022.2136996.

Pigment, light, paper, screen; formats as interacting multi-dimensional creative works (2021, journal article).
Interfaces. Image Texte Language (46) Jeux de Formats (2). Université de Paris, Université de Bourgogne, College of the Holy Cross. DOI: 10.4000/interfaces.3905

Future City (2021, journal article). Visual Studies 36(4–5). Routledge: 474–475. Journal of the International Visual Sociology Association. DOI: 10.1080/1472586X.2021.2006505.

Worlds Apart: like scenes from a dream (2021 interview based on own contribution). Pressing Matters: Celebrating Modern Printmaking (15): 64–5. Words by Vinca Power, photography by Nathan Walton. ‘Tess Baxter’s ethereal prints bridge very different worlds and bring the imagined into reality’.

Haus A Rest, Issue 14 ‘The Queer Art Issue’. Travelled All Night (June 2021, contribution to online project).
Selected printmaking, Travelled All Night, with a written contribution situating it in a virtual social space as a form of ‘queer art’.

‘Found Collaboration’, and the art of leaving things for others to find and use (2021, journal article)
Media-N 17(1). 1: 68–90. DOI: 10.21900/j.median.v17i1.480.

Falling between worlds: The comings and goings of a virtual itinerant wayfarer in a creative community (2021, PhD thesis). DOI: 10.17635/lancaster/thesis/1285. Winner of the Rieger Dissertation/Thesis Award 2021, International Visual Sociology Association, for the thesis and associated art practice.

Falling between Worlds:
 Catalogue of video art 2016-2020 (2020, print publication, author)
Catalogue of the video art by Tess Baxter aka Tizzy Canucci during period of PhD. Dane Stone Publishing. ISBN: 978-955374944. Link is to sample pages in a pdf.

Against racism cover images: Tess Baxter. Falling Between Worlds (2020, video poster)
Call for Journal cover images, with all contributions available online. International Visual Sociology Association.

In Defence of Holism: textures and materials, words conversing with images, theory with practice, disciplines joined together (2020, peer reviewed contribution to journal’s online blog) The Sociological Review. DOI: 10.51428/tsr.ibwj9889

Return to the Virtual World (2020, contribution to online project)
In crowd-sourced digital ethnography of the COVID-19 Pandemic, set up by UCL Centre for Digital Anthropology.

The Art & Mobilities Network Inaugural Symposium Instant Journal. (2018, participant and contributor) Symposium held at Peter Scott Gallery & Centre for Mobilities Research: Lancaster University.

There is No Cure for Curiosity (2017, contribution to print publication)
In Mobile Utopia: Art and Experiments (2017) Jen Southern, Emma Rose, Linda O Keeffe and Monika Büscher, p29. Publication containing the artworks that were a part of the conference. ISBN: 978-1862203396.

Natura e cultura; carbonio e rifiuti (2015, contribution to print publication)
In Alimentazione, la sfida del nuovo millennio (2015) Alberto Michelini (ed). Barry Smith (translator to Italian). Gangemi Editore, Roma, pp36-38. A review of an artwork for a book half of which was directly about food and the other half the connection with art. ISBN: 978-8849230918

Food and social history, and sociology

Both general publications and academic.

Food choices for older infants and young children in the UK: What factors influence parents’ decisions? (2012, revised 2014, preparatory literature review, pdf download).

Community Cookbooks and the Culture of Recipe Sharing (2011, article)
In, Farechoice Issue 58, December 2011. Magazine of Community Food and Health (Scotland).

Yorkshire: In Recipes and Photographs (2011, print publication, author)
Dane Stone Publishing. ISBN: 978-0955374913. Now out of print.

The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs (2006, 3rd ed 2015, print publication, author)
Dane Stone Publishing. ISBN: 978-0955374937

I set up Dane Stone Publishing originally for my postcards in the early days of self-publishing, which then included my books.

Examples of graphic design for other organisations

Forartis Derbyshire 2018 (2018). A brochure of artists and galleries in the Derbyshire area for Forartis.

Forartis Cheshire 2017 (2017). A brochure of artists and galleries in the Cheshire area for Forartis.

Emerging Artists Exhibition Brochure (2015). The brochure for the Emerging Artists Exhibition held at the Brewery Arts Centre, 1st May to 15th June 2015. The three artists are Louis Appleby, Liz Ford and Maggie Hargreaves.

Colton Community Plan (2015). Produced in close co-operation to the requirements of a working party attached to Colton Parish Council, near Ulverston, Cumbria.